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About Our Practice

What Makes Us Different

Enhanced Wellness Living takes a unique, integrative approach to hormone balance that facilitates success.

Kelly Engelmann combines training and expertise in conventional medicine with education and experience in functional regenerative care. This puts more tools in Kelly's toolbox when it comes to therapeutic options that can help and support her patients.

Patients benefit from an integrated approach to health care because there are more options available to help them. If a prescription for hormone replacement therapy in the form of capsules, pellets or creams will help you, you'll receive it. If nutritional supplements will help balance your hormones, you'll receive those, too.

We take advantage of every available option to help patients achieve hormone balance, and sustain that balance long term.

As an experienced nurse practitioner for almost 20 years, Kelly knows the vital role prevention plays in health, and how to help patients negotiate lifestyle behaviors that promote wellness. Having worked within the current health care model for years, she understands medications are sometimes needed to treat disease or health conditions. However, Kelly is also committed to uncovering the root cause of each patient's condition, so balance can be restored.

Unlike others who provide care for hormonal imbalances, we don't take a 'one size fits all' approach.

• We provide all of the education and support you need to succeed.

• We take the time to fully evaluate and understand your condition.

• Your treatment plan will be customized.

• We test and re-test to measure results.

• Our focus is aimed at helping you sustain your achievements long term.

When you work with Enhanced Wellness Living, you'll learn to take charge of your own health. Kelly educates every patient in a practical, in-depth way. You'll learn exactly what is going on with your hormones and your health, why you feel the way you do, and what you can do about it. Kelly also provides the support individuals need to negotiate lifestyle changes through individual and group coaching.

Health care providers often prescribe hormone replacement therapy for patients who have signs of a hormone imbalance. Yet they typically don't look for the root cause of the imbalance, and they don't consider the dynamic interplay between estrogen, testosterone progesterone. They don't consider the interplay with your thyroid hormones or your adrenal hormones. In essence, they target one hormone and expect that somehow, it will be able to do the work of the variety of different hormones interacting throughout the body's systems. It's like asking a single instrument to do the work of an entire symphony.

At Enhanced Wellness Living, the focus is on gaining a comprehensive picture of everything involved in the patient's hormone imbalance. With a complete understanding of what is happening and why, it's possible to achieve full balance—one that takes into account interplay between hormones, and can be maintained long term.

A fuller restoration of balance means patients look and feel better than they do with replacement therapy that only targets one hormone.

The main reason hormone replacement therapy typically provided by practitioners is limited is because it is based on limited testing. As an example, a practitioner may test FSH and estrogen levels through blood testing and prescribe medications based on the results. By contrast, we evaluate every patient for the full range of hormones. We test levels of the sex hormones—estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. We also evaluate thyroid hormones, including antibodies. We test the adrenal hormones, too—cortisol and DHEA.

The comprehensive testing and evaluation we do provides a complete overview of the patient's entire metabolic state.

Based on the results of the full workup and the patient's health history, we fine-tune a therapeutic plan to achieve and sustain hormone balance. Our goal is to help the patient feel better as efficiently as possible and to keep feeling better long term.

If you want to balance your hormones, feel better and look your best long term, we can help.

The profound results we see are the result of a multi-faceted approach to promoting and supporting hormone balance and health. The treatment plan we design for patients typically lasts twelve weeks, and we can accomplish a great deal in that short amount of time. Patients who need additional support can benefit from an extended care plan. We see some patients once a month or every quarter for an additional set number of weeks.

Each patient is unique, and so your treatment plan—whether short term or long term—will be based on your unique needs and preferences.

Enhanced Wellness Living patients have the support of an entire team of experts. You'll work with a certified wellness coach who focuses on the fitness aspect of your plan, and another who focuses on nutrition. You'll receive all of the information, education, products or prescriptions you need to succeed in achieving your health goals.

 Call (601) 364-1132 to get started today.

Meet Kelly Engelmann

Kelly B. Engelmann, FNP-BC

Family Nurse Practitioner
Certified in Anti-Aging Regenerative Medicine

Kelly B. Engelmann is a Family Nurse Practitioner certifed by the American Nurses Credentialing Center, The Fellowship in Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine and the American Board of Anti-Aging Health Practitioners. She earned an undergraduate nursing degree from the University of Mississippi, a graduate degree from the University of Southern Mississippi, a master's degree in Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine from the University of Southern Florida Medical School and completed the fellowship in Anti-Aging Medicine with The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M). She is very active in and committed to both the Mississippi Nurses Association and the American Nurses Association.


How We Approach Hormone Care

Enhanced Wellness Living helps patients through a 'food first,' lifestyle based, integrative approach to achieving optimum hormone health.

Each of these facets of our approach works to the patient's advantage:

1. We focus on food first, because diet and nutrition have a very strong impact on hormone balance.

If you're undergoing therapeutic support for a hormone imbalance but you continue consuming the standard American diet, it's highly unlikely you'll get good results. Proper nutrition can make all the difference, especially for those who've 'tried everything' and still feel awful.

2. Lifestyle is a key factor that must be addressed if you want long term results.

If a health care provider manages to help you feel better through hormone replacement therapy, but you maintain poor sleep habits, neglect to address stress and keep exposing yourself to environmental toxins, you probably won't feel better for long.

3. An integrative approach allows us to utilize the 'best of both worlds' in helping patients.

Our approach is integrative, because Kelly Engelmann is conventionally trained and also educated in functional and regenerative medicine.

We utilize therapeutic care options grounded in holistic medicine, and we also take advantage of prescription medications if needed. We work with compounding pharmacies to prescribe hormone therapy that’s bio identical and patient specific.

Our patients also benefit from therapeutic support based on functional and regenerative medicine. This type of care can diminish the rate at which we age, and supports the body’s innate healing capacity.

In our experience, an integrative approach is a practical one. It's the most effective and efficient way to help patients feel and look better, and to sustain these gains long term.

Knowledge, education and support are key factors in our work with patients.

• Education for Every Patient

We're passionate about educating each patient on their condition. You'll learn what's going on with your hormones and your health, why it's happening, what you can do about it, and how to go about it.

We educate every patient in a practical, in-depth way. With information and understanding, health goals 'make sense.' Necessary diet or lifestyle changes make sense. We give each patient all of the information that's needed for success with their health and wellness goals.

When you work with Enhanced Wellness Living, education will enable you to take charge of your own health. Knowing exactly what is going on with your hormones and your health is empowering.

• Comprehensive Assessment

We know the value of knowledge and information for our patients, because that is exactly what we base our patients' care on.

Our first step in working with a patient is to gain a comprehensive picture of everything involved in the person's hormone imbalance. Hormone imbalances are rarely simple matters. A variety of different hormones function in different ways throughout the body's systems. To complicate matters further, they also interact with one another in dynamic ways.

Other health care practitioners typically do not focus on the underlying causes of hormone imbalance, or the full picture. We do, because in our experience, targeting one hormone for therapeutic support rarely helps a patient—especially in the long term.

With a complete understanding of what is happening and why, it's possible to achieve full balance. We achieve results that take into account interplay between hormones--results that are lasting solutions.

Our assessments are in-depth and comprehensive. They involve a lot of testing and a careful consideration of the patient's health history. This is the only way to gain the information we need to fully understand what is happening with the patient's hormones and why.

• Customized Care

Once we've gained a comprehensive picture of your metabolic state, we develop a customized plan of care that can help balance your hormones as efficiently as possible. It's a personalized plan designed to help you feel better, in keeping with your own health goals. Typically, it's a 12 week plan, which allows enough time for patients to achieve profound results as they become educated and experienced in managing their own health.

Re-testing and achieving measurable results are essential parts of how we work with patients. Results aren't a matter of guesswork—they're evidence based.

Our focus is on helping you feel better as efficiently as possible and to keep you feeling better long term.

At the end of the initial 12 weeks of care, we make a determination about whether or not the patient may benefit from ongoing work with Enhanced Wellness Living. This takes into account the results of tests as well as the patient's goals. We offer a variety of options for ongoing care, and any additional work is as customized as the initial 12 week therapeutic plan.

• Essential Support

In addition to education and a customized therapeutic care plan, as our patient you'll also receive the support you'll need to negotiate lifestyle changes through individual and group coaching. We have a full team at hand to help every client, including three certified wellness coaches.

You'll receive support for the fitness aspect of your customized plan, the nutritional component, and for stress management. Ongoing support helps lay the foundation necessary for achieving hormone balance and sustaining it long term. It is an essential part of our practice.

We invite you to attend a free in-house wellness presentation and tour of our clinic, so you can learn more about how we work and what we do. We also offer a one-on-one phone interview to discuss how we help patients if you're unable to meet in person.

Take the first step in a proactive approach to wellness with us! Call (601) 364-1132 to speak with one of our team members.


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